Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Best day... ever?

I was hoping to write a proper post about this, but I am somewhat too tired to do so, so I'll resort to posting a schedule of the day.

9:00 AM: Brain Day starts, introductions to talks by...

9:15 AM: Sebastian Seung (MIT) [I am my connectome TED Talk, on Youtube].

10:45 AM: Peter Strick (Pittsburgh): Motor control and basal ganglia / cerebellum topography.

1:30 PM: Jonathan Cohen (Princeton): Adaptive cognitive control.

3:00 PM: Ned Block (NYU, Philosophy) [On Consciousness Youtube clip].

[End of Brain Day]

7:00 PM: Perimeter Institute lecture by Roger Penrose [Discover Magazine article]

10:00 PM: Read web comics. There was a good crop today!

EDIT: Apparently Ryan North of Dinosaur Comics was also at the Perimeter Institure lecture. I'm kinda disappointed I spent too much time listening to the lecture to notice this.