Friday, July 10, 2009

Pandering to the Biologists

Bioinformaticians seem to be disproportionately represented in the readership of this blog, so I thought you folks might be interested in this blog post. It discusses the public relations problems faced by synthetic biology and raises Drew Endy's (presumably) ironic assertion that the field be renamed "Shiny Happy Biology".

It's probably a good thing the PR people haven't heard of our bacterial contraception plans yet.

EDIT: Actually it's a good thing they haven't heard of most of the weird iGEM projects that Andre has helpfully curated.


  1. When you're at the bleeding edge of research, you have to expect that the general public will lag behind almost five years. It's not "right", but that's approximately the rate at which good documentaries churn out of Discovery Channel :P

  2. Hmm... so presumably they're working on the synthetic biology one right now? That would be interesting to see actually.

    Science is so much cooler when it's rendered nicely in 3D by graphic artists.