Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Recap Number One

I'm going to be rather busy for a while, so instead of creating new content for this blog, here's a selection of some of the better past entries for your recycled viewing pleasure. Save trees, read old posts.
  1. "How to Buy an Airline Ticket"
    The must-read post that could save you trillions! Or, more likely, teach you something about differential pricing schemes.

    Computational biology like you've never seen it before.

  3. "On Engineering Blogs and Bluffing"
    This is the post that really got the ball rolling, back in the day.

  4. "Microsoft iPod"
    Color images make their debut on this blog (not counting images of food). This post also features a viral video about branding.

  5. "GUID Socks"
    The greatest single idea since dental floss. Coming soon to a store near you.

  6. "Disc Golf"
    Everyone should play disc golf.

  7. "Personal Satellites"
    Anyone want to team up to build one of these?


  1. What in Recombinatron were you working on again?

    I've forgotten what it was, so you get a '''blank stare''' in the google group post. Sorry!

  2. I was wondering about that. I thought it was a new codename.