Sunday, February 14, 2010


Reading over my last post, I can't help but notice that it is full of, for lack of a better word, 'Pseudo-Arts'. That is, misguided arts-jargon babble that's probably as representative of real art jargon as pseudo-science is representative of science. I seem to really like pseudo-art, as I fill posts with it whenever possible. Perhaps it's simply a good filler. Perhaps it's something more. At this point, I am inclined to suggest that it is representative of a primal human drive to mimic other societal groups, a concept explored briefly in the literature (Monroe, 451), but that's probably just pseudo-anthropology.

Postscript: the real explanation for the graphic? Skewers + hearts = fun times. It's basic pseudo-math.

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  1. I often wonder how abrasive scientists must appear to artisans. Why, we must be the biggest hypocrits of all. ... Perhaps we should all take up instruments of music and get together a few nights of the week like the ancient Greeks. I hear their science was revolutionary but probably only so in the presence of their art. Okay, I'm going to have to stop watching "The Big Bang Theory" three episodes at a time :P