Saturday, September 4, 2010


Just a doodle because I don't have much to do (aside from work-related things and, as it's a Friday late evening — or very early on Saturday, take your pick — those things can wait). This isn't a "journal doodle" or anything like that... although if anyone wants to jump out of some planes it could become one.

EDIT: After posting the first image, I realized I made some significant technical errors in my depiction of the parachutist's neurophysiological response to the fall. Here's a correction.


  1. Also, there's no way those flip flops would've stayed on. :\

  2. Hmm. True enough. This is what happens when you start sketching something at midnight, realise that you've drawn a little guy in a really weird pose, and throw a parachute around him in an effort to rationalize it.

    OR, or... they're actually CRAZY SPORT (TM) flip flops that have microscopic hairs covering the sole for maximum adhesion (à la gecko). Or crazy glue, that would probably have about the same effect. Either way, massively macho.