Tuesday, October 5, 2010

All the Way

I saw this rainbow as I was biking home today. The crummy cellphone panorama I took of it doesn't do it justice at all, because it was really quite vivid. In fact, looking closely at it revealed that it was a double rainbow with the second, very faint, rainbow surrounding the main one (slightly easier to see in the following picture - sadly this one's from the same cellphone camera).

Anyway, say what you will about guys sobbing hysterically over rainbows (or sing it, if you're so inclined), but know that they are much, much cooler looking live than in recordings.


  1. It's just not as fun if you're not in an incoherent awe. It does make it look like OpenText is as the end of the rainbow. If the other rainbow was over the Sybase building...perhaps the pot of gold is really database sales.

  2. Yay! I'm glad you got photos of it, even if they are cellphone-camera ones. I saw it on my way home too, but by the time I'd reached home (and my actual camera) and come back outside — only a few minutes later — the whole sky had darkened!

    So amazing... actually, it had appeared while I was inside Sobey's, and as I was trying to leave the parking lot to head home, this girl walked out in front of my car, moving sooo slowly, at some random diagonal, and clearly not attending to traffic. At first (being eager to get home) I was annoyed, but then I realized she was busy looking at the rainbow. And so, loathe to disturb her Rainbow Experience, I was content to wait the several more seconds she took to get out of my way.

    The End.

  3. @Andre, m-my God! It's so aosoiufoasjfsioa sdfjsioajdf soafjsodif sofjosifjds!!! Wha- what does it mean?

    @Danielle, I love that there were actually people walking into traffic because of this. It's something that sounds so stupid on paper (and, actually, is kind of stupid) but the Rainbow Experience justifies all.