Sunday, October 31, 2010

Watermelon Carving

Exciting news everyone! I managed to grab the 'gingerich' username on Flickr (I tried for matt, but 210 people beat me to it... actually probably more than that, but matt211 was still available; also someone has majugi as well... grr).

Also, the reason I signed up for a Flickr account, after all this time, is because I don't want to put the entire series of awesome pictures I took of me carving a brain out of a watermelon on this blog. Here's one, though:

EDIT - Other crazy things I forgot to mention: I froze an egg while walking home from the grocery store today. I had noticed that one of my eggs was cracked, so I decided to fry it before it made a bigger mess but I ended up peeling away half the shell before I could 'pour' the egg into the pan. It is also now snowing (very lightly)!

...and the people I'm living with just filled four wine bottles with homemade apple cider (and I mean homemade in the fullest "pressed from apples grown on a friend's apple tree with an apple press built out of a car press and pieces of wood" sense — and the force required to press the apples was enough to shear the head of one of the screws clean off).

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